Each item is handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio. Current production time is 5 business days.

What metals do you offer and which one is right for me?

Willis + Bella offers 3 great metals for your pet accessories. Take a look at the properties of each material below:

Aluminum is a great metal for pet tags. It doesn't oxidize or tarnish, and its water safe. Plus it's so lightweight, your pet won't even notice it's there! Although aluminum is water safe, this can cause the black ink to fade in your hand stamped text and designs.

Brass and copper:
Both brass and copper oxidize to a dark finish. You can restore your tag to it's original, shiny appearance with a jewelry polishing cloth. You may apply a thin coat of jewelry wax to your piece. It will prevent it from tarnishing, but it will wear off - so you'll need to reapply every so often.


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